Who are Favorites to Win March Madness?

Who are Favorites to Win March Madness?

In our latest college basketball news here at PayPerHeadGenius.com, we will be bringing you an update on who are the favorites to win March Madness this season. Of course, getting the correct guess on who will win the NCAA Tournament title will give you a good payday- so make sure you’re betting on the right team.

And if you are a bookie, then check your sportsbook pay per head software for the latest lines and see what you can do to maximize your revenue potential for betting on NCAA basketball. For this year, a lot of sportsbooks have Kansas as the top contender at +1700. But in some sportsbooks, they are lower in rankings. Still, Kansas have a really good chance at clinching this season’s championship title, so a lot of basketball fans and bettors will be keeping an eye out on the team.

Who Will Win March Madness?

Who are Favorites to Win March Madness?A lot of bettors would be quite hesitant to bet on teams with +3000 or higher odds. But some may be worth the risk, like Baylor. Some sportsbooks have them at +3500. But Baylor is one of the best teams this season, so its best to take a second look at this team.

North Carolina is a favorite at +2500, mostly because of their top notch offense. Marquette is another contender at +220, having risen through the rankings so well this season. Duke has been on a streak, and them at +2500 may be a good buy for bettors. Some sportsbooks have them at a lower chance of securing the Championship, but they may surprise us.

With college basketball easing up in games as we get closer to the Championship, bookies are getting busier managing more high-profile games. More and more people are betting as we ease into the postseason, so make sure you are using the best sportsbook software for college basketball betting.


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