Women’s VNL Finals Will Be Held in Bangkok

Women’s VNL Finals Will Be Held in Bangkok

The Women’s Volleyball Nations League 2024 Finals, or the Women’s VNL Finals, will be held at the Indoor Stadium Huamark in Bangkok, Thailand. This is the first time that Thailand will be hosting the VNL Finals, although they have experience as hosts during preliminary stages of the VNL tournaments back in 2018, 2019, and 2023. Volleyball is quite the popular sport in South East Asia, and Thailand is known to have a very passionate fan base.

If you are looking forward to seeing this tournament, and want to win money on this, these volleyball betting strategies can be helpful. You have enough time to prepare, as the tournament will be held from June 20, to June 2023 this year.

Women’s VNL Finals: What to Expect

Women’s VNL Finals Will Be Held in BangkokYou can easily check your betting software for the latest lines for the upcoming tournament. The Volleyball Nations League 2024 will be played throughout four continents, so it helps a lot to have online sportsbooks to bet on. There will be 16 teams of female and male national teams that will compete, with the Women’s tournament from June 20-23, while the Men’s leg will be from June 27-30.

Week 1 of the Women’s tournament will be from May 14-19, in Turkey and Brazil. Week two, which will be from May 28-June 2, will be held in Macau China and USA, while Week 3, with matches from June 11-16, will be held in Hong Kong China, and Japan. If you are promoting volleyball betting in your sportsbook, make sure you are using a reliable Pay Per Head provider so you can offer the best betting lines.

The national teams competing will be Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, the Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Thailand, Turkiye, and the USA. Along with the honor of bearing the championship title of the VNL, this tournament is also important for these countries who wish to enter the Paris Olympics. Each match in the preliminary phase will have an impact on their FIVB Volleyball World Rankings. This will determine which teams will get the last five spots in the Olympics.


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