Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard Signs Contract Extension with Los Angeles Clippers

If you are joining the sports betting industry as a bookie, you need to stay updated with the latest in sports- especially popular sports leagues and teams. Keeping track of high-performing players also matters, especially when their performance can affect the outcome of a team for the whole season. Like The Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA for instance. Kawhi Leonard has been an integral part of the team. And if he plays with other stars for the Clippers, the team have a better chance in the next season.

Kawhi Leonard signed a three-year contract extension with the Clippers this week. This contract will give him the max in 2024-2025, at around $52 million. Then, he will get a flat $50 million per season from 2025-2026 and 2026-2027 seasons.

Kawhi Leonard Signs Contract Extension

Kawhi LeonardWhile the amount of his contract extension seems very generous, it actually is quite a bit of a sacrifice for Leonard. When you are a bookie using pay per head software, you get to spend time tracking players and their deals, and this will clue you in on how much they would want to leave, or stay in a team. For Leonard, his new contract is lower than a previous extension.

Leonard is eligible for a four-year extension that is worth up to around $223 million. But he also says that he signed the extension expecting that his fellow teammates will be staying as well. Paul George is also eligible for an extension, while James Harden will be a free agent after this season. So, for Leonard, his contract will help the team have the space to sign both George and Harden.

The Clippers have confirmed that they are in talks with George and Harden and other players to stay. The Clippers won 21 of their last 27 games, and rank 4 in the Western Conference. While keeping the three stars will be expensive, the investment might pay off if they can help lead the Clippers to an even better standing in the next season. And if you want to invest in sports betting and earn a good payday, this Pay Per Head Bookie software is the perfect tool to help you be a bookie.


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