PayPerHeadGenius.com - Sportsbook Pay Per Head Services

We at PayPerHeadGenius.com aim to provide our clients with the best gambling software offering an online sportsbook, casino, and more, at a very affordable price point.

Know more about PayPerHeadGenius.com and find out how we can be the perfect partner in your journey to own a successful online gaming business.

Pay Per Head Genius is built by industry experts who want to give bookies the latest bookie software technology at realistic and affordable prices. Here, we are a mix of sports betting experts, bookies, software developers, marketing experts, and sports analysts banding together to give you everything that you will need.

About PayPerHeadGenius.com: Our Humble Beginnings

The people behind PayPerHeadGenius have been in the industry for years- with around 60 years of combined experience in their specializations. Coming together from different backgrounds, we have joined together with one goal in mind: to offer pay per head services that we ourselves would happily use.

Our PayPerHead products are also priced in the lower range when compared to other competitors. And it does not come from cutting corners. We simply believe in giving opportunities to bookies to get a foot in the industry. Something they would not get if the cost of services would cost them thousands each month.


Bringing the Best to Our Bookies

For each step of the process of managing a sportsbook, someone from our team contributes their expertise. We have expert oddsmakers, sports betting experts and consultants. Our gambling and sportsbook software is created and planned by some of the best developers, UX and UI experts, business analysts and more. We also have an in house team of sports analysts and writers to help bring you the latest news and other updates.

And to make it even easier for you to become a bookie, we are also dedicating resources to publish authentic and informative guides to help you navigate your way in the sports betting industry.