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In recent years, professional eSports has taken the world by storm. With millions of dedicated fans and a rapidly growing industry, eSports has become a lucrative market. One such business opportunity is eSports betting. Thus, now is the perfect time to learn how to open an eSports betting business. Also, the best way to do so is with an eSports Pay Per Head solution. 

What is an eSports Pay Per Head Platform?

An eSports Pay Per Head platform is a comprehensive betting solution that caters specifically to the needs of eSports bookmakers. It provides various services and features that allow bookmakers to manage their betting operations efficiently. We offer a fully customizable website, various betting markets, real-time odds, risk management tools, eSports betting software, and more. You can open an eSports betting business using our eSports Pay Per Head platform. Thus, you can focus on acquiring and retaining customers while leaving the technical aspects of the betting business to us.

Using an eSports Pay Per Head platform for your betting business has numerous advantages. Firstly, it lets you quickly and easily launch your eSports betting operation. we take care of all the technical aspects, including website development, odds management, and risk management. This means that you can focus on acquiring customers and growing your business without the need for extensive technical knowledge or resources.

Additionally, we provide access to a wide range of eSports betting markets. From popular titles like League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to niche games with dedicated fan bases, the platform allows you to cater to the diverse preferences of your customers. This ensures you can attract and retain a large customer base, maximizing your revenue potential.

Furthermore, we offer real-time odds that are constantly updated. This ensures that your customers have access to the most accurate and competitive odds in the market. By providing a dynamic betting experience, you can increase customer engagement and encourage more frequent betting activity.

Why Use to Open an eSports Sportsbook

When selecting an eSports Pay Per Head platform for your betting business, it is crucial to consider several factors. Here are the services has to offer:

eSports Betting Software

Live Betting

Player Prop Bet Generator

Player Manager

Casino Software & Platform

Live Dealer Casino

Horse Racing Platform

Risk Manager

PreGame Lines

Extensive eSports Market

eSports Pay Per Head Cost

Pay Per Head eSports Service For As Low as $2 Per Player

Check out our player pricing table to save more. The more players you have, the less you pay for your eSports PPH.

# of Active Players Cost Per Player
0-99 Players $5.00 Per Player
100 to 199 Players $4.50 Per Player
200 to 299 Players $4.00 Per Player
300 to 499 Players $3.50 Per Player
500 to 699 Players $3.00 Per Player
700 to 999 Players $2.50 Per Player
1,000 + Players $2.00 Per Player

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Choosing the Right eSports Pay Per Head Platform

esports pphWhen selecting an eSports Pay Per Head platform for your betting business, it is crucial to consider several factors. Firstly, you must ensure the platform offers many eSports betting markets. As the popularity of different games fluctuates, it is essential to have the flexibility to offer bets on the most popular titles at any given time. Additionally, the platform should provide real-time odds that are constantly updated to reflect changes in the market. This ensures customers can access the most accurate and up-to-date information when placing their bets.

Another essential aspect to consider is the level of customization the platform offers. Your betting website should be able to reflect your brand identity and provide a seamless user experience. Look for a platform that allows you to customize your website’s design, layout, and content to create a unique and engaging platform for your customers. Finally, consider the reliability and security of the platform. Ensure that the platform provider has a proven track record of delivering a stable and secure betting experience, as the reputation of your business depends on it.

Our eSports Software and Platform Makes Starting an eSports Sportsbook Easy

There are numerous advantages to using our eSports Pay Per Head platform for your betting business. By utilizing our eSports Pay Per Head platform, you can streamline your operations, offer a wide range of betting markets, and provide customers with a dynamic and engaging experience. Thus, it is the best way on how to start an eSports website. 


Our eSports PPH software and platform come equipped with a variety of features. Some of these features include:

eSports Software Features:

  • Player Manager System
  • Set player access and limits
  • Add and edit players
  • Auto-generated reports
  • Player monitoring
  • Risk manager
  • Player Messaging System

eSports Platform Features:

  • eSports Betting
  • Live betting
  • Racebook
  • Player prop bet builder
  • Digital casino
  • Live dealer casino
  • Phone wagering

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