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Our Pay Per Head Service provides everything necessary to become a bookie from multiple sportsbook websites to sportsbook management software. Whether you have a small or large sportsbook operation, we are the all-in-one sportsbook pay per head solution for everyone.

Why Use to Open a Sportsbook

Our PPH Sportsbook services gives Bookies all of the tools to open a fully-functional  sports betting operation

Sportsbook Software & Platform

Live Betting for Your Players

Player Prop Bet Generator

Easy Player Management

Casino Software & Platform

Live Casino Software & Platform

Racebook Software & Platform

Player Risk Management Tools

Fast PreGame Lines

Extensive Betting Market

Sportsbook Pay Per Head Cost

Pay Per Head Sportsbook Service For As Low as $2 Per Player

Take a look at our price per player table to see how much you save with us. The more customers you have the cheaper the Sportsbook PPH rate.

# of Active Players Cost Per Player
0-99 Players $5.00 Per Player
100 to 199 Players $4.50 Per Player
200 to 299 Players $4.00 Per Player
300 to 499 Players $3.50 Per Player
500 to 699 Players $3.00 Per Player
700 to 999 Players $2.50 Per Player
1,000 + Players $2.00 Per Player

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Our Sportsbook Software and Platform Makes Starting a Sportsbook Easy

By using our Pay Per Head Services, we take out the hassle in starting a sportsbook operation. The reason is because our sportsbook software and platform have everything bookies need to properly run and manage their sportsbook. In addition, our sportsbook platform has all of the features a sports bettor wants in a sportsbook. Thus, the only things bookies have to do is find new customers and keep them happy. Our sportsbook software will do the rest!


Here are Just Some of the Features our Sportsbook PPH Software and Platform have:

Sportsbook Software Features:

  • Easy to use player Mgt. system
  • Set player limits and access
  • Create and edit players
  • Player Stats Generator
  • Intuitive and reliable reports
  • Player Risk Management Tools
  • Player Messaging System

Sportsbook Platform Features:

  • sports betting
  • Live Betting
  • Player Prop Bet Builder
  • horse racing
  • digital casino
  • live dealer casino
  • access to our telephone service

The Genius Way to Create a Sportsbook

No Deposit or Obligation Necessary