Paris Olympics is Six Months Away

Paris Olympics is Six Months Away

The Paris 2024 Olympics will begin in six months, so there is more than enough time for you to open a bookie website. With thousands of competitions happening in the tournament, there is a lot of money to be earned from betting on the Olympics. And since the Paris Olympics is six months away, we can start planning how we can get the best possible revenue in your sportsbook.

Formally, the opening ceremony of the Olympics will be on July 26, Friday. However, as early as July 24, we will already have certain events happening, such as pool matches in football, rugby sevens, archery, and handball. The whole tournament will run until August 11. With a few weeks of betting keeping you busy, you need to make sure that you have the best sportsbook software to help you manage your online sportsbook business.

Paris Olympics Details

Paris Olympics is Six Months AwayHow does one go about this? These sports betting software reviews can help you find the best software to help you get started. You can then start taking in bets from sports events everywhere. Olympic betting is now available as well, but more wagers will come in during the actual tournament.

As for what sports your players can bet on, there are hundreds of events, with 329 medal events across 32 sports. You may notice, however, that Karate and baseball will not be featured in the Olympics anymore. Meanwhile, sports like basketball and soccer are gaining a lot of support and action as early as now.

There will be 206 countries competing, so having a diverse player base in your sportsbook could mean a higher handle in Olympic betting. Countries are now finalizing the rosters for the sporting events they will be participating in. For instance, the US recently announced the 41-member team they will be sending as the USA Basketball team. The roster will be made up of the likes of LeBron James, Joel Embiid, Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and more NBA stars. Meanwhile, Victor Wembanyama will be representing France, the host for the Olympics.


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