Dodgers and Cubs Trade

Dodgers and Cubs Trade Offer Has Good Deals for Both Teams

The Dodgers and Cubs trade has a lot of potential to beef up the roster of both teams and we cannot wait to see them play next season. The Los Angeles Dodgers will be able to clear some roster space, while the Chicago Cubs will be getting more depth in theirs. If you wonder how many hours a day does a bookie work, a couple of those are probably spent getting updates on the latest in sports news.

For this particular trade, right-handed reliever Yency Almonte and infielder Michael Busch will be heading to the Cubs. 29-year-old Almonte was hit and miss with the Dodgers in his two seasons with the team. Last season was quite bad for walks, as he offered up 24 passes. But the Bubs have a great infield defense, and Almonte is a grounder-heavy pitcher, so he may be a good fit with his new team. If you like betting and fading the public, you may want to see how this will affect public betting with the Cubs.

Dodgers and Cubs Trade Details

Dodgers and Cubs TradeFor the trade, the Dodgers will be getting Class A pitcher Jackson Ferris and outfielder Zyhir Hope. Ferris is quite the selection, as the 19-year-old was a rookie last season. In his first season in the MLB, he has a 3.38 ERA.

The trade allows the Dodgers to get the space to add outfielder Teoscar Hernandez in their 40-man team. With the Cubs getting some veteran players, the Dodgers are getting younger players with potential. The shuffle they made is beneficial for both teams. But more than that, it also seems a good deal for the players, as it gives them the chance to find a team where their skills may be a better fit with. But as it is with younger players, they will have a lot to prove, especially in their first few seasons in the league.

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