Giants Trade Ross Stripling to the Athletics

Giants Trade Ross Stripling to the Athletics

In the latest MLB news, the Giants trade Ross Stripling to the Athletics. Sending veteran right-handed Stripling plus cash considerations to the Athletics gets them outfielder Jonah Cox. While we are in the offseason, talks of trades and transfers make the headlines, so those who bet on baseball should keep track of these developments.

Baseball betting fans know that Stripling had quite the lackluster season. But it still does not take away the fact that he is a good man to have in your side of the field. The 34-year-old player previously signed a two-year contract with the Giants worth $25 million.

Stripling had a weak season, with a 5.36 ERA (79 ERA+) and a 4.3 strikeout-to-walk ratio over 22 appearances. His 2022 season was a different one, with a 128 ERA+ and a 5.55 strikeout-to-walk ratio in 134 innings with the Toronto Blue Jays. Could Stripling just have had a bad year with the Giants? Will his numbers improve with the A’s?

Giants Trade Ross Stripling

Giants Trade Ross Stripling to the AthleticsWith the trade, San Francisco will still be paying some of his salary, and his $9.35 million makes him the highest-paid player for the A’s. He will be joining former teammate and left-hander Alex Wood. Incidentally, Wood will now have the second-highest salary with $8.5 million.

The Athletics have the option to use him in the rotation, or in the bullpen. Stripling has experience with both roles, so he can shine in either option. Assuming, of course, that he is now performing at 100% after his injury. Many presume that his lackluster season with the Giants could be due to him recovering from his injury.

As for the Giants, letting go of Stripling, aside from getting players and picks, they also get to save money in the trade. The Money that they save from paying majority of Stripling’s contract now puts them below the $200 million in luxury tax obligations. They will also have $37 million in AAV to spend before they can reach the threshold. Meanwhile, you can get ahead with your online sportsbook to get ready for the next season. This sportsbook pay per head provider can easily help you get started.


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