State Senate Approves Georgia Sports Betting Bill

State Senate Approves Georgia Sports Betting Bill

The Senate Economic Development and Tourism Committee passed the Georgia sports betting bill. According to sources, Senate Bill 386 allows the Georgia Lottery Corp to give out 16 sports betting licenses.

Atlanta United, Braves, Falcons, Hawks, and Dream would each receive one of five licenses. Three entities would each be granted one license: the Augusta National Golf Club, the Atlanta Motor Speedway, and the Professional Golf Association (PGA). Lottery authorities would oversee an application process for seven licenses that might be offered to sports betting businesses. In addition, there would be one license for the lottery corporation to launch a sports betting platform.

A portion of the total income from sports betting—20%—would support early childhood education and the HOPE Scholarships in Georgia.

Without calling for a change to the constitution, the measure would make sports betting lawful. For several years, legislators in Georgia have argued over whether it is allowed to introduce sports betting to the state without changing the constitution.

Georgia Sports Betting Bill

State Senate Approves Georgia Sports Betting BillDuring the first week of this year’s parliamentary session, the Senate Regulated Industries & Utilities Committee adopted a second legislation regarding sports betting that does need a constitutional amendment. Supporters of the measure were heard Monday from the Metro Atlanta Chamber and daily fantasy sports provider PrizePicks.

According to Nick Fernandez, the chamber’s director of government affairs, the measure would bring in around $100 million annually for HOPE and pre-k. According to PrizePicks’ Stuart Wilkinson, who spoke before the committee, the addition of fantasy sports would bring in an additional $35 million. However, several religious groups’ representatives voiced their opposition to the measure.

The bill’s principal supporter, Republican Senator Clint Dixon of Buford, stated that it has measures to combat compulsive gambling, such as advertisements warning Georgians about the dangers of sports betting and “self-limit” technologies that gamblers might utilize to restrict the amount they wager.

According to sports betting software reports, both houses of Congress support the measure. Gloria Butler, a Democrat from Stone Mountain, is the Senate Minority Leader and one of the cosponsors. The next step is for the Senate Rules Committee to determine whether the bill should be presented to the whole Senate for consideration.

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