Thailand Looks into Online Betting and Singapore-Style Casinos to Improve Its Coffers

Thailand Looks into Online Betting and Singapore-Style Casinos to Improve Its Coffers

Thai lawmakers are looking into legalizing online betting and Singapore-style casinos. Their goal is to improve the nation’s coffers. However, experts warned that the country needs to install strict rules to ensure the success of the potential gaming industry.

One possible course of action is to follow Singapore’s lead and implement measures that limit access to casinos in integrated resorts for local players, such as entry taxes and exclusionary orders. According to sportsbook software reports, another issue is maintaining the current ban on online gambling.

But there are more fundamental worries that legal casinos would only give people more opportunity to gamble. Also, there are calls to control illicit gaming that are still alive and well in border towns and online in Thailand.

The Thai parliament formed an ad hoc 60-member committee towards the end of last year to investigate the possibility of legalizing casinos and gambling at what it terms entertainment complexes.

Online Betting and Singapore-Style Casinos in Thailand

Thailand Looks into Online Betting and Singapore-Style Casinos to Improve Its CoffersMembers of parliament from both the ruling and opposition parties have shown their support for the committee. Mr. Julapun Amornvivat, Thailand’s deputy finance minister, will chair the meeting.

Thailand may find itself competing with its regional neighbors for gambling-related tourist earnings if the sector is legalized. Indonesia and Brunei are the sole Southeast Asian nations that do not permit gambling, except for Thailand.

The lottery for the right to run casinos in Thailand will surely attract significant names worldwide. Some firms have shown interest in this, including MGM Resorts and Las Vegas Sands, the latter controlling Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. They want to learn how to be a bookie in Thailand.

In addition to lowering alcohol sales taxes and allowing the cannabis industry to flourish, the Thai government has recently instituted measures to attract tourists and generate income. Some policies include easing visa requirements for critical international markets, extending the opening hours of nightclubs and bars in tourist areas, and, most recently, legalizing gambling. Once passed, the demand for gambling software for bookies will be high.

One of the main arguments favoring allowing casinos to operate is the potential increase in government income. According to a study by a prior committee on the matter in the last parliament, proposing to establish entertainment complexes in each of the country’s five central regions—north, south, east, northeast, and central—could generate billions of dollars in yearly tax revenue.

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