UAE Casino Market Has a Huge Potential

UAE Casino Market Has a Huge Potential

In September 2023, the United Arab Emirates established a federal gambling regulatory body. According to online casino software experts, it is the next step towards a legal casino industry in the country. Also, they said the UAE casino market has vast potential.

On September 3, the General Commercial Gaming Regulatory Authority (GCGRA) was launched. Its mission is to establish rules for the UAE’s commercial gaming and national lottery. Operators are already preparing to debut in the region, even if the appearance of the final regulations is still uncertain.

Wynn Resorts is one example of such a corporation. The United Arab Emirates has been the most promising emerging market for a long time, according to CEO Craig Billings.

WAM, the state-run news agency, announced the launch of the GCGRA in early September. According to federal legislation, anybody discovered gambling in the UAE is now liable to a two-year jail sentence and a fine of $13,615.

The Potential of the UAE Casino Market

UAE Casino Market Has a Huge PotentialThe GCGRA’s establishment, however, marks the final step toward the United Arab Emirates’ regulated gaming sector. Kevin Mullally, the previous director-executive of the Missouri Gaming Commission, will now head the GCGRA. According to online casino software experts, Mullally was part of Gaming Laboratories International for 17 years before he left it for the Gaming Commission.

Jim Murren will chair the GCGRA board of directors. As chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts from 2008 to 2020, Murren managed the company. The precise nature of the country’s regulations is still unknown. The availability of an online component to market operators and bettors is still in the air. Thus, online slot machines are still unavailable in the UAE.

A further contentious issue is whether the GCGRA will oversee the two current raffles in the UAE, Emirates Draw and Mahzooz. Rumor has it that Mullally’s previous employer, GLI, is leading the charge in consulting on developing the regulatory framework for the United Arab Emirates.

Additionally, GLI has received assistance from the gaming consultancy and market research company Eilers & Krejcik Gaming. The UAE may launch an online market, as the consultancy has been more active in digital products.

Instead of leaving gaming legislation to each separate emirate, these businesses advocated for central government oversight. Rumor has it that the United Arab Emirates plans to impose a 25% revenue tax on mass-market gaming. Meanwhile, an 8% tax would be imposed on premium gaming.

Before the launch of casinos in the UAE, we recommend learning some casino strategies. It includes understanding the Martingale system for roulette and other games.

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