Virginia House Subcommittee Pass Petersburg Casino Referendum Bill

Update: Virginia House Subcommittee Pass Petersburg Casino Referendum Bill

On Tuesday, the Petersburg casino referendum bill continues in the General Assembly. It passed through a House subcommittee. However, it came with one caveat. The panel voted 6-1 to advance the bill but included a clause that required a second legislative approval.

The second votes were previously scheduled to occur during the following “normal” session, which in this instance would be the 2025 session, according to re-enactment clauses. According to Senator Lashrecse Aird (D-Petersburg), there is no way municipal voters will have to hold off until next year.

According to casino pay per head experts, “special” implies that any specially summoned Assembly session up until the end of the year might have a second vote on legislation. The initial goal of the municipal authorities was to have the referendum formally prepared and placed on the ballot in November 2024. Thus, the timing of that special session is crucial.

Petersburg Casino Referendum Bill

Virginia House Subcommittee Pass Petersburg Casino Referendum BillLawmakers are anticipated to return to Richmond in April for the rescheduled veto session following the conclusion of the 2024 legislative session on March 9. Since it is a “reconvened” session and not a “special” one, it is possible that the re-enactment of the referendum will not be considered at that time.

On the other hand, recent events demonstrate that a special session might be summoned whenever needed. According to casino news reports, legislators have been called back to Richmond by the governor to address fiscal matters for the previous few years. Also, the governor has the authority to do so for any reason other than the regularly scheduled session.

The re-enactment clause would be put to a vote by the House of Delegates early next week if the House General Laws Committee approves it at its next meeting on Thursday. After the House passes the re-enactment provision, it must be approved by the Senate before it can be sent to the governor for action.

According to a representative for Governor Glenn Youngkin, the governor does not promise to sign or veto each bill that comes before him. On the other hand, the referendum is likely to become law with his signature.

On the other hand, online casinos remain illegal in Virginia. However, people can open an online casino offshore and allow players from the state to play games.

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