Brazil Fails to Qualify in Men’s Olympic Football Tournament

Brazil Fails to Qualify in Men’s Olympic Football Tournament

The world’s best athletes have been working hard over the recent years to get qualified into the Olympics. With the Paris Olympics 2024 beginning in a few months, we are starting to see a more final roster for various teams and athletes as they earn their way into the world’s most prestigious sports tournament. And in football, or soccer, defending champion Brazil fails to qualify in the Men’s Olympic Football Tournament.

If you look at your sports betting platform, you will be able to check which sports in the Olympics get a lot of action from bettors. There are some sports that are notoriously popular in the Olympics, while some get normal action from bettors. Football is one of them. These matches are well-watched by fans, and bookies earn a lot from these matches as well.

Men’s Olympic Football Tournament Will Not Have Defensing Champions

Brazil Fails to Qualify in Men’s Olympic Football TournamentBrazil are the defending champions in this category, and if you look at your Pay Per Head software, lines on this event opened with Brazil as one of the favorites. But these wagers are a moneymaker for sportsbooks. Brazil bows out of qualification after losing to rival Argentina 1-0. The goal is courtesy of Luciano Gondou, who scored at the 77th minute of the match in the Under -23’s. Brazil has been a consistent winner of medals in the last four Olympics. As much as Gondou is a hero to Argentinians, he must not be popular (for now) in Brazil.

But Argentina is not undeserving of this win. They won the gold medals back in 2004 and 2008, and now end the qualifying event with 5 points. This puts them at one point above Paraguay. Brazil, meanwhile, has 3 points, thus their loss to the tournament.

Given how popular this sport is around the world, you should have your online sportsbook up and running months before the Olympics begin. You can offer the best odds on the Men’s Olympic Football Tournament with the help of a good sportsbook software. These bookie pay per head reviews can help you save time and focus on finding the best bookie software you can use.


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