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Nick Saban to Retire from Alabama and College Football

When we read the latest sports betting news, we always look at the landscape not just of the sportsbooks, but of sports as well. Major changes and updates can affect betting lines, and therefore is noteworthy for those who manage a sportsbook. And in college football, the announcement of Nick Saban to retire from Alabama and college football is creating shockwaves.

Nick Saban is 72 years old, has spend 28 of those as a collegiate coach. The last 17 years of those were with Alabama. Saban is practically a fixture in Alabama football, so him leaving will be leaving a huge empty spot that will be challenging for anyone to fill. Will this affect lines on Alabama? Check your sports betting software for any changes as more news and updates come out.

Nick Saban to Retire from Alabama, Says Goodbye to Football

Nick SabanSaban has been such a huge figurehead in the team. He has, after all, led Alabama to its 16th straight season with at least 10 wins. They also have their third SEC title in the last four years. But his age is catching up to him, and the demands of modern football- and the gruesome schedule that comes with it, it a bit too much.

Right now, there may be odds on who will be replacing Saban. Your pay per head software will likely have a few wagers on this. One of the popular options is Oregon head coach Dan Lanning- but he already stated that he will be staying with the Ducks. Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian is also a good option, and has experience working in Alabama. Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin also has worked in Alabama, and would be a good fit.

There are a few more names being considered, and it wont be long until they will announce who will replace Saban. But it will be big shoes to fill, if you look at what Saban has done for Alabama in his almost 3-decade career in the NCAA.


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