NHL will Return to the Winter Olympics

NHL will Return to the Winter Olympics

Those of you who are long-time fans of the NHL know that the league has not been joining in the Olympics- not since 2014. But with their recent announcement, make sure you read your guide to hockey betting as the NHL will return to the Winter Olympics.

Fans and bettors alike will see their favorite NHL players in the 2026 and 2030 Winter Olympics, and an upcoming 4 Nations Face Off tournament in 2025. When you learn how to become a hockey bookie, you will discover that even with a busy calendar for hockey, you can easily manage this. Using the best bookie software will enable you to keep track of all hockey betting lines from around the world.

And the addition of these international events for the NHL is truly something worth looking forward to. Fans were pleasantly surprised to hear this when it was announced during the NHL All Star game last weekend in Toronto.

NHL will return to the Winter Olympics

NHL will Return to the Winter OlympicsAfter discussions between the International Ice Hockey Federation and the NHL Players’ Association, we will now see this development a couple of years from now. Of course, this means that current NHL events will be even more important, as this could affect who can qualify for the Olympic teams. And for those who want to be a bookie, you know that this means extra opportunity to earn more as there will be more to bet on.

Aside from the announcement on the Olympics and the NHL, the NHL and the NHLPA also announced that there will be a 4 Nations Face Off, which is a tournament between Canada, the US, Sweden, and Finland. In this event, each team will play three Round Robin games, and the top two teams will face off in a one-game final. This event is in line with the NHL’s hopes of involving more countries to participate in an international competition, much like a World Cup of Hockey of sorts, every two years. This will also give them the opportunity to give fans, and bettors, a way to enjoy the sport even better.


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