AFC Asian Cup 2023 Group Stage Schedule

AFC Asian Cup 2023 Group Stage Schedule

In the latest sports news, we are taking a look at the Asian Football Confederation for some soccer action as the Asian Cup 2023 kicks off in January. While the tournament has started back in January 12, there are a lot of matches that will keep you busy and entertained- and hopefully make you a bit richer than you were before this. Get the AFC Asian Cup 2023 Group Stage schedule here.

Asian Handicap Betting is quite fun, and it is a market worth exploring as it is very lucrative. Crossing over to other markets is easier if you are familiar with the sport you will be betting on. In this event, you have soccer, so soccer betting is something you need to brush up on.

The Asian Cup will be held in Qatar, and there will be 24 teams competing over six groups. Typical with the group stages in most soccer tournaments, the top two teams from each group will move further into the tournament.

AFC Asian Cup 2023 Group Stage ScheduleAFC Asian Cup 2023 Group Stage

You can open a soccer sportsbook even though the tournament is ongoing. The process is easy, and wont take much of your time. That way, you can start offering lines on these matches. Today, January 17, Group A Matches between Lebanon and China, and Tajikistan against Qatar will happen. January 18 brings us some action on Group B matches with Syria versus Australia, India versus Uzbekistan, and a Group C match between Palestine and the UAE.

On January 19, Group D matches between Iraq versus Japan, Vienne versus India, and Hong Kong versus Iran will keep you entertained. Saturday, January 20, keeps us busy with Group E matches between Jordan and Korea, and Bahrain against Malaysia. Meanwhile, Group F matches between Oman and Thailang, Krygyz Republic and Saudi Arabia will be on January 21.

Group Stage Week 3

The week begins on January 22 with Group A matches between host Qatar versus China, and Tajikistan versus Lebanon. January 23 will have a jam-packed day with Group B matches between Australia and Uzbekistan and Syria versus India; Group C matches will be between Iran versus UAE and Hong Kong versus Palestine.

On January 24, Group D matches between Iraq and Vienna, and Japan versus India will be held. Finally, in the last day of the group stage, Group E matches will be between Jordan and Bahrain, and Korea versus Malaysia. Group F matches will also feature Saudi Arabia versus Thailand and the Krygyz Republic versus Oman.


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