NBA All Star Game Recap

NBA All Star Game Recap: The East Wins

One of the tasks you have to do when you become an NBA Bookie is to keep track of all of other vents that happen – even if these events are not directly tied to the regular season. This means keeping track of draft updates, trades, and other events like the Play In Tournament and now, the recently-concluded NBA All Star. The past weekend was a fun-filled weekend of various events, from skills competitions, a celebrity game, and, of course, the battle between the Eastern Conference versus the Western Conference in the All Star Game. In case you missed it, here is our NBA All Star Recap.

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NBA All Star Game Recap

NBA All Star Game RecapThis year’s NBA All Star game is historic as this is the first time in the NBA that a team wins the game with more than 200 points. The East won the game 211-186 Sunday evening in Indianapolis. This season the NBA All Star game had a classic format, eliminating the Elam Ending used in recent years. Aside from that, there was nothing new with the format of the game. A lot of fans did notice that the All Star was more of a shooting practice, with very little defense happening.

Of course, we are now heading towards the playoffs, and the members of the All Star roster are the best in the league. And as a bookie, you know that even one injured player can affect any team’s chance to get to the championship. Thus, the players were very careful and mindful of getting too physical in the game.

Damian Lillard emerges as the game’s MVP, and it was a well-deserved award, as Lillard’s performance was exceptional, even garnering compliments from players from the West. The very brave three-pointer from the halfcourt line alone was showstopping. Now, these players will return to their respective states and prepare for the continuation of the season. If you still do not have an online sportsbook, then make sure to check these sportsbook pay per head providers to help you get started.


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