Fantasy Football Draft Report – Players to Avoid in 2024

Fantasy Football Draft Report – Players to Avoid in 2024

With our Fantasy Football Draft Report, you can assemble a championship-worthy team that will dominate your league. Imagine the excitement of watching your carefully selected players outperform expectations and lead your team to victory week after week. This report is your secret weapon to fantasy football success! In addition, you can use the information if you want to become a bookie.

Now, let us talk about the players to avoid. This report section is crucial because it prevents you from making costly mistakes during your draft. We have carefully evaluated each player’s performance, injury history, and overall consistency to determine who might not be worth the risk. Do not worry. Our pay per head sportsbook experts have your back!

Fantasy Football Draft Report

Fantasy Football Draft Report – Players to Avoid in 2024Along with topping the league in yards per attempt (9.6), yards per dropback (8.8), yards per completion (13.9), anticipated points added per dropback (0.26), composite EPA + CPOE (0.204), and QBR, Brock Purdy just produced the fourth-best adjusted net yards/attempt season in NFL history (72.7). In 2023, despite sitting out Week 18, Purdy still managed the third-most throwing touchdowns and can run the ball, but his early ADP has him ranked outside of the top-12 fantasy quarterbacks.

According to fantasy sports news reports, Stefon Diggs’s first six games of the season saw him average 103.3 yards and five touchdowns; however, in the last thirteen games, he dropped to 48.9 yards per game and scored three touchdowns (including the playoffs). In his previous seven games, which included a devastating loss in the AFC Championship, he went yardage-wise at an unbelievable 41.0 yards per game while getting zero touchdowns.

Fading Derrick Henry is a given. Leaving Tennessee appears like the Big Dog’s only option, and his destination will undoubtedly impact his fantasy outlook. However, running backs with 30+ years of experience and 2,000+ touches have a troubled past, and it is often wise to pass on a player in the latter stages of their career with a fourth or fifth-round draft choice. Take aim at Tyjae Spears instead.

Last year, Raheem Mostert scored twenty-one touchdowns, which was more than his combined total from his eight years in the league (19). He finally felt the heat after a career-best 1,000 running yards and 200 carries in 2023. While a much younger running back set a record for rushing DVOA, Mostert, one of the league’s most significant injury risks at 32 years old, will soon be in fierce competition for touches.

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