Quarterbacks Who Will Define the 2024 Fantasy Football Draft Boards

Quarterbacks Who Will Define the 2024 Fantasy Football Draft Boards

Eight of the 32 NFL teams are still playing in the playoffs. Also, the league’s free agency will start in March. Six weeks are left until the scouting combine, where we can discover underachieving college players. Although the offseason is still a couple of weeks away, we created a list of quarterbacks who will define the 2024 fantasy football draft boards.

If you are a serious fantasy manager or a supporter of one of the 24 clubs removed from the league, maybe you are prepared to examine the changing NFL landscape before next season briefly. Today, we will look at the players that will most likely shape the 2024 summer.

2024 Fantasy Football Draft Boards

Quarterbacks Who Will Define the 2024 Fantasy Football Draft BoardsThe list begins with Justin Fields as the first player. If another team’s coaching staff and fan base were looking for a quarterback with exceptional qualities and evident upside, he would be the perfect candidate for a reclamation project. However, the Bears have ensnared Fields in a horrible loop of abuse and coaching misconduct. Bookie PPH experts say the club has struggled offensively for all three seasons and has only made last-minute fixes to show progress.

When looking at the expected worth of quarterbacks for 2024, with a full recovery from the Achilles injury assumed, Kirk Cousins stands head and shoulders above the competition. Also, his injury in Week 8 derailed what was shaping up to be an outstanding statistical season. According to pay per head sportsbook sources, he had already beaten the Niners and the Packers.

On the surface, Russell Wilson had a good season (26 touchdowns, eight interceptions, 66.4% completion rate). However, Sean Payton had little interest in seeing him throw. While sometimes attempting long throws, Wilson primarily threw to or from behind the line of scrimmage during the season. His use of a standard NFL playbook seems to be lacking. Wilson continued to get himself sacked 45 times despite his considerable dinking.

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